Toyota Tacoma Buzzing Interior Noise Fix

I am the proud owner of a 2015 Toyota Tacoma. This was my first brand new vehicle, so I was a bit alarmed when I started hearing a buzzing noise coming from the passenger side at low rpm (1500 – 2000). It was hard to pinpoint where the noise was coming from.  I was at first describing it as a rattling noise, but I now realize it was more of a buzzing or humming caused by vibrations. You may never have a more maddening experience than hearing a buzzing in your brand new truck. New vehicles cabs have become very quiet in general, so hearing an out of place noise will be hard to not hyper-focus on. If you are having an issue with buzzing coming from the dashboard and glove box area in your Toyota Tacoma, I highly recommend you try this simple fix. It will take you 5 minutes and help you to reclaim your sanity! I have found that dealerships are not very helpful in fixing these type of minor annoyances, plus everyone hates wasting one of their days off hanging out at a dealership while they try to figure it out. Save time and the hassle, and fix the noise yourself!


The buzzing noise is coming from near the blower motor behind your glove box. If you are a smaller person like me, you can just lay under the glove box to fix this issue very easily. If you are larger or will have a problem laying on the floor of your truck, you will want to remove the glove box first.  There are two different places where the buzzing and vibration may be coming from, and because they are both next to each other and easily fixed, I fixed both. By doing the following two fixes, I have completely alleviated the buzzing noise coming from the Toyota Tacoma passenger side near the glove box. The noise would come and go and would seem to stop once my truck had warmed up, most likely because the plastic had warmed enough to cause the buzz to subside.

Toyota Tacoma Passanger Size Buzzing Noise Fix

Remove this clip from the bracket and wire. You may also stuff  insulation inside of the clip to stop the vibration/buzzing.

First is this wire clip, pictured above). You can see to the left of the clip there is some foam, that I assume was created to go INSIDE the clip to prevent noise. It seems this foam was applied to the wrong spot, as it has no use where it currently is. Since the clip is not very secure, it causes a vibration. You can either remove the clip entirely (which I did) or try to stuff some foam or insulation inside of the clip. I suggest just removing the clip as doing that with the following step completely stopped the vibration caused by low 1500 rpm acceleration. When I tried to place foam inside of the clip, it did not solve the issue. Removing the clip along with the following step fixed the vibration completely.

Toyota Tacoma Passanger Size Buzzing Noise Fix

Here I have highlighted where I removed the first clip, as well as the bundle of wires, which is wrapped in plastic sheathing. You can see where I removed the first clip, as well as the area I used zip ties to tighten the bundle of wires encased in plastic sheathing.

The next problem area is the bundle of wires wrapped in plastic.  Below you can see where I applied zip ties to tighten the plastic sheathing. You will notice it is loose and pushed against the steel bracket to the right. This is what is causing vibration noises in the new Tacoma’s. By firming it up with the zip ties, and moving it away from the steel, there is nothing loose to cause the vibration.

You can choose to do just one of these fixes at a time and then test to see which issue is causing your noise. I decided to do both and the noise is now 100% gone. I love this truck but to be honest, the buzzing was driving me crazy. Fixing this issue has made me very happy, and it is what has inspired me to write this guide on how to get rid of the Toyota Tacoma interior passenger side buzzing noise. If this fixes your issue please leave a comment below!

This has been confirmed to also work on the new 3rd gen 2016 Tacoma trucks.


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  1. Josh, excellent article. I do have one question; you mentioned in step 2 this is what was causing the vibration in the new Tacomas. Were you referring to the 3rd gen 2016 models? I have a 2016 and and I am experiencing a similar issue with the buzzing but am having a very hard time finding it. I took my wife on a ride-along to see if she could help me pinpoint it as I can’t really do anything while driving and when I am alone and hear it, I use a GoPro to attempt to at least hear where the buzzing is the loudest.

    • Hello Zack,
      Thanks for the comment and congratulations on your new truck. I personally have a 2015 but I don’t belive there has been any changes the the blower motor area. Throw a couple zip ties on the bundle of wires and pull as tight as you can. It can’t hurt to try it if it is the same noise.

      Is this a buzzing noise you hear or a vibration you are feeling?

      • Twist-tying the bundle seems to have done the trick. The bundle is a lot tighter/bulkier on the 3rd gen than what it looks like in your photos and it appears Toyota tried to fix this issue by using straps and tape but a piece of tape they used on the exposed wires was broken and the strap on the plastic sheath was missing. There is still a very slight buzzing but it’s hardly noticeable. At least I know I’m moving in the right direction. Thanks man!

  2. Dear Rottenpixies:
    Thank you so much for your input. I will certainly see if this “buzz” noise fix works on my 2015 Highlander.
    golfgolf4321 – Richard S from Stow

  3. Thanks for posting about this fix. I drive a 2016 Tacoma and had a buzzing sound coming from the glove box area, and it was robbing me of any enjoyment while driving the truck. While this fix isn’t quite what was going on with my truck, it helped me to look in the right areas. The main difference on my 2016 is that the large bundle of wires that is wrapped in the sheathing on your truck is only bound with electrical tape in mine. There are, however, two other smaller bundles of wires down there which have the hard plastic sheathing over them. I took electrical tape and tightened the sheathing up, and now the buzzing is gone. Thank god. I can finally enjoy driving my truck without that buzzing sound driving me insane!

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