Asus VG248QE Monitor Color Fix

If you have recently purchased an Asus VG248QE monitor you may be disappointed when you first fire it up. You may be asking yourself “why do the colors on my gaming monitor look so bad”. Out of the box this monitor appears “washed out”. The colors are too bright and have a yellow hue to them. This is very surprising as this is one of the top recommended gaming monitors with a 144hz refresh rate, yet only one old Reddit thread is detailing any information on how to optimize the color profile and settings of this monitor. This inspired me to create an updated post on how to calibrate the color/OSD configuration and display its true glorious wonder. Rest assured after following these easy steps your eyes will be jumping for joy from the vibrant and rich colors displayed on your monitor.

First off you want to adjust your OSD settings for your Asus VG248QE Monitor. This is done by using the button on the bottom of your monitor. Click to Menu >> Display, then use the following recommended settings to begin the process of optimizing the color and display of your new monitor.  This will give you a better balance for gaming and general work on your PC. You can experiment with these settings, but this will be a good place to start from.

Asus VG248QE Calibration Settings Value
Splendid Mode Standard
Contrast 78
Brightness 32
Color Temp User
RGB Red 96 / Green 94 / Blue 88


The next step is to a load a customer ICC profile for your monitor. First download either the NVIDIA or AMD ICC profile from the links below.

How To Activate The downloaded ICC profile (In Windows)

  1. From the Control Panel navigate to: Appearance and Personalisation  >> Display >> Screen Resolution.
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Click on the tab for ‘Colour Management” and press the button ‘Colour Management’
  4. Make certain the ‘Use my settings for this device’ check-box is checked.
  5. Click the ‘Add’ button, then ‘Browse…’, Browse to the ICC profile you downloaded from above. Click ‘Add’ then ‘OK’.

Last Step to Enable Gamma Correction Elements of the ICC profile.

  1. Click the ‘Advance’ tab in the ‘Colour Management’ screen
  2. Press ‘Change System Defaults’
  3. From here click the ‘Advance’ tab again
  4. Make sure the ‘Use Windows display calibration’ is checked.


You can now close the window and you have fully loaded and enabled the ICC profile. You can experiment with the calibration settings, but using the above settings will drastically improve the colors and display of your ASUS gaming monitor. Now go enjoy some 144 FPS gaming!



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